Who we are

Who we are?

Our mission

Initiated by some thirty actors, community organizations and associations that have been active in the field for several years, the Socio-Economic Summit for Black Youth Development (SdesJ) is an innovative network whose mission is to contribute to Quebec’s economic and social development, focusing more specifically on the contribution of Black youth.

What are our values at SdesJ?



We make sure to interact with each person in a way that respects their dignity and values them as an individual.



We participate, within the limits of our responsibilities, in reducing inequalities. We want everyone, regardless of their background, to have access to the same opportunities for success.



We are a trustworthy organization. Our members and employees act honestly and fairly.

Social justice

Social justice

We fight against all forms of social injustice. We campaign for a fair society.

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion

We are helping to build a more inclusive and diverse society.

Founding Declaration

January 28, 2017!

We, members of the Black communities, leaders of organizations, associative leaders and public and private partners, gathered in Montreal on January 28, 2017, express our confidence in the potential and success of our youth.

We believe that our youth deserve to live in a society where quality of life, cultural diversity, equal opportunity, environmental protection, educational success, employment and inclusion are at the heart of daily concerns.

We have agreed to contribute to synergistic and innovative responses to the challenges facing our youth, such as racism, discrimination, racial profiling, unemployment, underemployment, school dropout and precariousness.

Collaboration between organizational leaders, community leaders, and Black community partners is a key component of the youth development strategy for our communities. Adapted, innovative and sustainable practices that promote social and economic inclusion, family support and access to education in all its forms must be at the heart of our discussions.

We will work to ensure that educational facilities are truly welcoming and inclusive, to enable each young person to reach his or her full potential, and that technological modernization efforts are tools for social, economic and cultural inclusion, towards greater participation of our youth in the economic development of our society.

We will contribute to meet, with the whole of Quebec and Canadian society, the challenges of social development, the fight against poverty and living together.

We commit ourselves to contribute to the realization of the projects resulting from the annual summit.

We recognize governments as natural partners in the development of young Quebecers and Canadians from Black communities and we call upon them to assume their responsibilities.

We are setting up a study committee to monitor the social and economic development of youth from Black communities.

To this end, the Socio-Economic Summit for Black Youth Development will hold an annual public report on the actions undertaken.

Mandate and approach

  • To promote collaboration and consultation among its members and with other bodies at the local, regional and national levels;
  • Promote, among its members, debates and actions in order to develop a social and political analysis and a common vision;
  • To ensure youth participation in the activities and initiatives of the Summit;
  • Organize periodically a summit on the issues of the Black communities;
  • Promote the projects and initiatives resulting from the Summit;
  • Disseminate information among the members of the Summit;
  • To be the interlocutor with authorities for the projects and initiatives resulting from the Summit;
  • Offer technical assistance to its members;
  • Ensure accountability to funders and the community.