Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions

It is a federation that constitutes an innovative network of organizations working for the socio-economic development of Black communities. 

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The Summit is present through its members in several municipalities and boroughs of Quebec. The interactive map of our members and projects is available here. 

The different projects of the Summit are generally implemented by at least 2 of our member organizations in several boroughs or regions. All of the Summit’s projects are available here. 

To contact a member of the Summit team, please refer to the contact page available here.

Yes the Summit is present on various social media including: 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin 

The official hashtag is #Let’sGetTogether 

All of these links are available in the footer of the website.

Questions about our projects

The Summit works with member organizations to provide the best services to citizens. The citizen must go through one of our member organizations. The list is available here.

The Summit’s projects are financed by its various partners and donors as well as funds from the Canadian federal and Quebec provincial governments. Thus, the Summit is held accountable every year, and should be exemplary in its financial management.

The projects resulting from the Summit are based on two main fields of intervention: The fight for better socio-economic integration of youth and early prevention for better youth inclusion. You will find the updated list under OUR ACTIONS

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Questions related to member organizations

Membership is open to black-led organizations registered in Quebec with a Quebec Business Number (NEQ) and working on issues related to the fight against anti-black racism. The membership process begins here.

To date, more than 50 organizations and personalities are members of the Summit. The current list is available here

To obtain an appointment with a technician member of the 4C squad, you must call from Monday to Friday at 514-500-3883 between 9:00 am and 8:00 pm except weekends and holidays.

To access the 4C platform, you must first be a member of the 4C Program.  The credentials are provided to the participating organizations just after their approval. The platform allows for the registration of new beneficiaries, the assistance and repair claims.

Not exactly. The Summit, through its member organizations and other participants, allocates a computer to certain beneficiaries who meet certain income requirements. In addition, the recipient must commit to following the training and coaching program. Only after this step, the Summit will transfer the ownership of a computer to the recipient. 

Your question is not in the list? Please send us an email at or call us directly at (514) 827-6647