Internship offers

Internship offers

We offer three (3) types of internship opportunities to help you develop

Summer jobs

During the summer, the Summit hosts many students who come to gain experience and contribute to sustainable change.

Academic and professional internship

We also welcome graduating university and college students who want to obtain credits essential to the success of your program.

In addition, graduating students or professionals in reorientation can benefit from this internship opportunity to reintegrate the job market.

In most cases, these academic and professional interns succeed in the recruitment process with flying colors when employment opportunities arise at the Summit.

Research internship

Within our observatory, there is room for people who want to have a first research experience. Thus, students, particularly in the humanities and social sciences, can join a research team according to the theme that is important to them.

This is for us a way to sensitize young people to do research.

Details will follow on this specific internship program.