About the observatory

About the observatory

Our Mission

The Observatory is engaged in the production and dissemination of knowledge on the realities of black communities in Quebec, particularly young people, from a socio-economic development perspective. In this context, it promotes participatory research.

Our main mission is to document and analyze the realities of black communities, particularly young people, from a socio-economic development perspective.

Our Vision

Become a recognized actor in social and systemic transformation through the construction of communities of practice and the production of knowledge.

Our approach

The strategic orientations of the Observatory arise from those of the Summit.

Young Afro people, themselves established by the CA. The main research themes, therefore, emanate from the organization’s areas of intervention established by members during the annual January event. In addition to the transversal “youth” axis of the research program, the priority themes of the socio-economic axis are, therefore, culture, health, education, economy, and justice.

Research groups will guide the activities of each of the themes of the socio-economic axis and the youth axis. The groups will have to collaborate and think together to define the priority choices of research subjects, promote a collaborative methodology, and ensure knowledge sharing. Made up of community stakeholders, researchers, young people, and professionals in the field concerned, they will work with the person responsible for leading the group to define the research topics and enrich the recommended methods. They will be

They are also called upon to make recommendations on the evolution of research and to participate in its intellectual development.

A scientific and ethical committee will be set up to support the Observatory’s research team and ensure the scientific and ethical quality of the work carried out. The scientific committee will also propose recommendations for the development and improvement of the Observatory’s programs.

Our Story

The Observatory benefits from the financial support of the Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation, which contributes to the prevention of poverty by focusing on academic excellence.