Become a partner

Become A partner


Contribute To Your Community

Do you share our vision of a world where everyone feel safe and has access to education for personal success? An investment in the Afro Youth Summit is an investment in healthier communities and a more productive nation.


The Afro Youth Summit and our role in the community

Partner with the Summit and help build a more just, equitable and inclusive society. The support of each of our partners is essential to achieving our mission. We count on your generosity to help create initiatives for such aa goal. Be part of the solutions to the challenges facing Black communities. 

The benefits of partnering with the Summit

Beyond positive brand association, partnership with the Sommet helps companies/organizations achieve their goals:


  • Show your support for equitable, diverse and inclusive communities​
  • Expand your impact in Canada​
  • Empower youth​s in black communities
  • Showcase your product ​
  • Provide meaningful engagement opportunities for staff and key stakeholders​
  • Profile your commitment to community investment

Whether it’s to participate in one of our events, to participate in one of our projects, or to build a strong long-term partnership, we are open to talking with you, and customize a partnership plan for your company’s objectives. Together we can make it happen.

Contact us to learn more

Find out how we can customize a partnership plan to meet your organization’s goals by emailing us at or calling (514) 727-1919