Our stories, our heritage

Projet - Our stories, our heritage

The “Our History, Our Heritage” project is an innovative initiative aimed at raising awareness among Canadian youth about the history and contributions of First Nations and Black communities. It consists of a series of educational and informative vignettes designed by youth from all walks of life in which they share the results of their research on a historical figure or event that highlights the heritage and culture of Black, Aboriginal and racialized communities. A committee of experts is responsible for the pre-selection of topics that will be randomly chosen by the participants.

Block 2 Title of the actions

National awareness campaign in Canadian schools and organizations about the contribution of indigenous and black communities to the socio-economic development of our society
Participatory component in which schools and organizations accompany youth to discover the contribution of Black and indigenous communities: 100 schools and organizations will participate in this first edition across Canada (West, Ontario, Atlantic and Quebec)
Competitive component: Coaching and national competition: 100 youth or groups will be selected representing the 4 regions of Canada (Western, Atlantic, Quebec and Ontario) to take part in the national competition
Production of educational kits: The 10 selected videos will be presented during the finals and will be used in schools and organizations to fuel the dialogue between students and teachers, between youth and community workers, about discrimination and racism.

Public cible

  1. Children from 6 to 12 years old
  2. Teenagers 13 to 17 years old