Abdoudramane Ganame

Youth (<30 years old)


Abdoudramane Ganame is a young doctor in applied economics at Laval University in Quebec. He holds a master’s degree in applied economics with a specialization in public policy analysis at the University of Burgundy and a master’s degree in quantitative economics for decision-making at the University of Lyon, both obtained in France.
Before continuing his doctoral studies at the university in Laval, he worked as a data analyst for a year at the Scopelec Group in Lyon, thus gaining practical experience in the field. In addition, he was active in student associative activities during his years of study in France, holding the position of secretary general of the Burkinabè Student Association of Burgundy and responsible for the organization of socio-cultural activities within the federation of African students of Burgundy. These associative experiences reinforced his interest in questions of social justice and solidarity.
As a passionate economist, he has a major interest in development issues in the African context, mainly contributing to reflections on the development of socio-economic development plans in Africa. Concretely, he would like to address the question of the quality of African institutions in revitalizing and internationalization of businesses.