Community development programs

Community development programs

Community development programs are divided into four major axis: community mobilization, communication and outreach, education and training, political analysis and monitoring.

The major axis


The primary objective of the mobilization axis is to encourage the participation of SdesJ members in the Observatory’s research activities as well as in other SdesJ activities, for the active development of communities of practice.


The education and training axis aims to support community organizations by providing information to consolidate and standardize their practices. The work of the Observatory will therefore be to synthesize, disseminate and make accessible the scientific literature that can support the work of organizations.


The communication axis: Working for a more equitable society also requires the dissemination of knowledge and the participation of all in social debates, which is precisely what the communication and scientific outreach axis aims at. Moreover, an “Observatory is a multi-partner information system, bringing into play actors with diverse rationalities, holders of complementary data and expertise, and without hierarchical dependence”. The communication of the information collected and generated by the Observatory is therefore essential to ensure its impact. To position the Observatory as a key interlocutor in the public and political arena, the knowledge it produces must be disseminated and recognized. Communication activities will promote the accessibility of the knowledge to a diversified public, from the community to the governmental and scientific sectors.


Finally, the analysis and political monitoring axis aims to produce succinct analysis on emerging and situational political and social issues that concern Black communities. The publications of this axis will allow the SdesJ to be reactive and proactive in the face of political issues and decisions as well as daily news. The publications will also allow for direct participation in the political sphere of influence.