Pascaline Kengne Talla


Pascaline Kengne Talla

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Dental Medicine, Laval University

Pascaline Kengne Talla is Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Dentistry and Oral Health Sciences at McGill University. A public and community health dentist, Dr. Talla is interested in innovative approaches to improving access to oral health care and services. 

Before becoming an assistant professor at McGill, Pascaline spent the last eight years working in the Quebec Health Network as a clinical research coordinator, where she worked in partnership with a wide range of stakeholders including patients, healthcare providers, researchers, managers, community and industry partners. Her research focuses on the development, implementation and evaluation of social, community and technological innovations for an accessible and inclusive oral health system. She is interested in the involvement of patients and communities in clinical decisions and the co-development of public health interventions, as well as in knowledge mobilization.

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