Justin Ngoya, Ph.D


Justin Ngoya, Ph.D

Founding President


Justin Ngoya, Ph.D., is the founding president of the Association for Pedagogical Innovation and Professional Development (AIPDP), headquartered in Canada. For several years, he served as a resource person in the Professional Development program at the University of Sherbrooke, Canada. Specializing in competency-based approaches, he has been teaching at the Faculty of Education Sciences at the University of Montreal since 2010. Among the courses he teaches are psychopedagogy and competency development, teaching models, classroom management in post-secondary education, teaching in colleges today, learning assessment, and practical teaching seminars in post-secondary education.

For many years, he has worked as a coordinator and pedagogical advisor in post-secondary and university-level programs, as well as a TIC (Information and Communication Technology) respondent. Academically, he holds certifications as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), a Graduate Diploma in ICT, a second-cycle certificate in post-secondary teaching, a Master’s degree in Education Sciences, and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). Additionally, he holds a Ph.D. in Education Sciences (Psychopedagogy) from the University of Montreal.

On the research front, as a publishing director, he has authored several scientific articles and organized various international scientific symposiums on education in African countries and Canada. His research interests include teacher professional development, mental health, psychological well-being at work, competency-based learning assessment, integration of ICT in teaching, active pedagogy, intercultural pedagogy, training engineering, program evaluation, and post-secondary and university-level teaching pedagogy.

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