Directrice de l’Observatoire des réalités autochtones urbaine

Regroupement des centres d'amitié autochtones du Québec

Pekuakamiulnu, who grew up and lives in Mashteuiatsh, has been leading the Observatory of Urban Indigenous Realities since May 2023. Its roles are to gather, understand, and share knowledge related to urban Indigenous issues.

As the mother of Aliss and Napéo, Julie has a diverse academic background that led her to delve into the fields of business administration, communication applied to public relations, political science, and Indigenous studies. She is currently pursuing a graduate diploma in public management in an Indigenous context. Her professional journey has traversed the Regroupement des centres d’amitié autochtones du Québec and Pekuakamiulnuatsh Takuhikan in the areas of health, well-being, mobilization, and governance.

Through the Observatory, Julie aims to contribute to the self-determination of the Friendship Centre Movement in research to better assess its impact while showcasing the unique knowledge and expertise of First Nations and Inuit on the themes of urban indigeneity.

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