Elena Stoodley


Elena Stoodley

Singer, songwriter, and sound designer


Elena Stoodley is a singer, songwriter, and sound designer, in addition to being involved in community organization. Born in Tio’tia:ke, Montreal, she often combines her passion for social justice and the liberation of Black individuals with her artistic practices.

She studied creative writing and electroacoustic music and has performed her music internationally, including in Cameroon and the Republic of Congo. She occasionally leads workshops or consultations on anti-oppressive work practices and intersectional inclusion.

Her most recent sound design work has been featured in plays such as “The Mountaintop,” “The Rootless Tree,” “Manman LaMer,” and “Black Out” (selected for exceptional sound design at the META’s – Montreal English Theatre Awards).

Her recent projects include sound design for plays such as “Pipeline” by the Black Theatre Workshop and “M’appelle Mohamed Ali” by La Sentinelle.

She is currently working on the annual review “Chécké2022,” sound design for a documentary, and a carte blanche proposal by PME-Art for a presentation at FTA 2024. This project is being developed in collaboration with visual artist Kamissa Ma Koita and writer Sonia Hugues.

She will also be the sound designer for the play “Diggers,” in collaboration with the Black Theatre Workshop, in winter 2024, as well as for “L’amoure looks something like you” by Éric Noël and “S’enjailler” by Stephie Géraldine Mazunya.

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