Désirée NZAMBA

Sustainable Development Advisor

Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Richelieu Valley (CCIVR)

A graduate of the Water-Earth-Environment Center at the National Institute of Scientific Research in Quebec (Canada), the Higher Institute of Advanced Studies in Sustainable Development in Rabat (Morocco), and the University of Sciences and Techniques of Masuku in Franceville (Gabon), Désirée Nzamba is passionate about the environment and sustainable development.

For nearly 6 years, she has taken pleasure in working towards the protection, preservation, and restoration of natural resources by engaging with stakeholders, guided by the objectives of sustainable development. Her areas of expertise lie in the management of water resources and waste materials.

Simultaneously, she is heavily involved in issues related to immigration and the integration of young African students in Quebec. This commitment is reflected in her participation in various projects of the immigration coordination tables of the Matawinie and Vallée-du-Richelieu MRCs, as well as her role as a co-founder and member of Coopenada, an association for the international mobility of young talents from Africa.

Drawing on her experience as an Environmental Coordinator for the municipality of Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez, she has developed expertise in municipal policy and citizen awareness related to the environment. Advocating for an alignment of environmental, social, and community issues in her work, she draws inspiration from global solutions to propose local solutions to sustainable development challenges.

Currently, as a Sustainable Development Advisor at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vallée-du-Richelieu, she continues her professional career by proudly championing environmental preservation.

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