Conseillère municipale

District du Plateau

Bettyna Belizaire is an inspiration as a municipal councillor in the Plateau district. Her life journey is marked by determination and hard work. Born on the island of Haiti, Bettyna immigrated to Canada in 2003 with her family. Despite the challenges she faced as an immigrant, she distinguished herself personally and professionally. She earned an MBA from the University of Ottawa, demonstrating her commitment to acquiring the knowledge necessary to achieve her goals.

After completing her studies, Bettyna held various leadership positions within the University of Ottawa. Her desire to make a difference in society led her to become the Executive Director of AFIO – Accompagnement des femmes immigrantes de l’Outaouais. Through her team at AFIO, she supports immigrant women in their integration process by valuing their unique experiences and addressing persistent systemic barriers.

Bettyna aspires to promote transformative leadership to build a better future for future generations. As a municipal councillor, she also holds the positions of Chair of the Recreation, Sports, and Community Development Commission, as well as Vice-Chair of the Economic Development Commission. She is committed to creating an environment conducive to significant progress and positive societal impact.

Bettyna Belizaire’s journey is a true source of inspiration for those who aspire to overcome obstacles and contribute meaningfully to their community.

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