Henri-Robert Durandisse

Member organization representative CHAIS Director


Henri-Robert Durandisse is a man whose remarkable skills and undeniable presence make him exceptional. Holder of a graduate diploma in Community Economic Development and a Certification in leadership and management skills from Concordia University, Henri-Robert stands out for his expertise and his ability to shine in all the fields he embraces. . .
But this is only part of his remarkable journey! Henri-Robert also enriched his training by participating in specialized training in Interethnic and Interracial Relations and in Academic and Social Adaptation at the University of Quebec in Montreal. His unquenchable thirst for knowledge and constant desire to improve himself testify to his unwavering commitment to personal excellence and his deep desire to grasp the complexity of the plural realities surrounding us.
Throughout his career, Henri-Robert played a leading role within the organizations he joined. His enlightened presence within the governance, ethics, human resources, and complaints committees has had an undeniable influence, helping to shape the future with discerning wisdom. In addition, he was called upon as a prominent member of several project selection committees on behalf of the government of Quebec, thus demonstrating his ability to evaluate and support the most promising initiatives.
Henri-Robert also held positions of high responsibility as president of La Maison d’Haïti, a member of the board of the CDEC Centre-Nord and the Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi Centre-Nord. These leadership functions highlighted his ability to contribute to the definition of a common vision actively and to make informed decisions that have proven themselves in reality.
Today, Henri-Robert occupies prestigious positions, including that of President of the Board of Directors of Héberjeune de Parc-Extension and Vice-President of Radio Centre-ville and Concertation Action Citoyens of Haitian origin. His unwavering commitment to these organizations demonstrates his ardent desire to actively contribute to the community and promote positive initiatives that exceed all expectations.
For Henri-Robert, ethics is not simply a notion but a fundamental principle that guides each of his actions as a manager. He embodies integrity, transparency, and respect, essential values permeating his professional commitments.
With his solid academic background, diverse experience, and unwavering dedication to ethics, Henri-Robert Durandisse is a true asset to any organization that aspires to excellence. His captivating charisma and unique skills make him an exceptional professional and an inspiring leader who will undeniably bring valuable added value.