Digital transformation

Digital transformation


It aims to develop the capacities and skills of the organizations’ employees in digital technologies in order to equip them to better perform their tasks, to be more effective/efficient especially in the post COVID-19 context


Support for digital transformation: A donation of 46 digital and computer kits (each including computers, overhead projector and headsets etc…) for the 46 organizations. A training program around the 21 digital citizenship skills for the benefit of employees and volunteers of these organizations. Support for organizations to implement a digital strategy including the creation or optimization of their existing digital communication channels (website and social media) via a bank of digital experts
Organizational capacity building: The recruitment of a bank of 100 volunteers committed to the fight against racism, through a communication campaign. These volunteers will be deployed in member organizations according to their specific needs. Training for leaders and managers of Summit member organizations on the theme of “becoming anti-racist”, in collaboration with the University of Ottawa.
Strategic Partnership Development: A workshop to co-create and brainstorm ideas, projects and possible collaborations to strengthen anti-discrimination and anti-racism and other programs for racialized communities. A training for the members of the Summit on mobilization and partnership development.


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