Cawn Osne


Cawn Osne

Author and multidisciplinary artist


Author and multidisciplinary artist Cawn Osne is deeply interested in art, and believes that it is a true channel for bonding and social transformation. Mr. Osne uses all forms of artistic expression that enable him to come into contact with others, to highlight his own personal stories and to immerse himself in those of others.

Culture is a society’s Holy Grail, he believes. It’s the driving force that enables us to shape the dark horizons and brighten up the future. Culture enables us to live together in our differences. That’s what motivates him to join the culture research group. A social communicator and lawyer, he is particularly passionate about intellectual property, copyright and artificial intelligence. It is in this sense that he humbly believes he can contribute his expertise and knowledge to the Observatory, in order to contribute to the development process of Black communities and society in general.As a citizen, Cawn Osne has always been socially involved. From an early age, in his native Haiti, to Quebec, where he has lived for over six years. His social involvement has included community service, civic and political activities and volunteer work.

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