Annual Summit 2023

The annual summit 2023


The annual Summit is a gathering of leaders from the Black Francophone and Anglophone, Haitian, African and Caribbean communities, which take place every last Saturday of January.

Together, researchers, academics, parents, students, social entrepreneurs, business people, community leaders and practitioners, professionals and concerned citizens focus their attention on the concerns of Quebec’s Black communities in general, and youth in particular.

It is also an opportunity for the leaders of the Summit to report back to the Black communities on their various activities and initiatives.


Panel 1 - Environmental issues in the era of inclusion

Black communities are still insufficiently considered in environmental debates and associated public policies. This panel intends to contribute to filling this gap by giving a voice to members of black communities involved in the search for solutions for an effective and just ecological transition. Claudia Gbetholancy's intervention will clarify the context introduced here by drawing on the notion of environmental racism and giving an overview of the impact of climate change on black communities and young people in particular. Concrete examples from across Canada and Quebec will be presented. It will also discuss the role of different levels of government in implementing public policies to face these environmental challenges. Leila Cantave will intervene in continuity regarding the undertaking of concrete actions. To do this, she will draw on her experience as an activist and manager of a community organization whose mission is to support the environmental leadership of black communities, particularly that of gender minorities – women, transgender women, and non-binary people. Alix Adrien will chair the panel.

Panel 2 – Racial profiling, a social justice issue

This panel aims to explore the issues, challenges, and possible solutions related to racial profiling in Quebec by mobilizing the expertise of scientific, community, and legal circles. Maxim Fortin will look at the context that allowed the emergence in Quebec of a repressive and discriminatory legal framework used in the 1990s against marginalized young people and then against black and racialized populations from 2000 to 2010. Then, Rosie Kasongo presents the dynamics of community organizations in Quebec around the issue of racial profiling. Finally, Me Fernando Belton will discuss the difficulty of proving racial profiling in Canadian law in light of the Luamba decision. He will share some observations, reflections, and possible solutions. Marjorie Villefranche will chair the panel.

More than 250 people attended the presentations, panels and Q&A sessions throughout the day.

Upcoming annual Summit Announced!

Join us on January 27, 2024.
The next edition will take place on


7th edition in Quebec City

This event is made possible thanks to the financial support of the the Quebec Youth Secretariat.