The research groups of the Observatory of Black Communities of Quebec are mandated to work in concert with the researchers in charge of leading the groups, to identify issues and problems to be prioritized, and to contribute to the design and implementation of related research.

These entities aim to pool and enhance the diverse experience, knowledge, and expertise of Black community members across Quebec.

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The research groups are made up of eight to ten individual members from the research and community sectors, as well as citizens from outside these sectors. They reflect as much as possible the diversity of Quebec’s Black communities. To this end, the following quotas apply: 


Ekwalla Cyrille

Gaetan Nerlande

Isa Davidson

Osne Cawn Mala

Touré Aïssé

Barbe Rodrigue

Durand Laurence


Élysée Jaël

Lalime Thomas

Rasoavatsara Rivonambinintsoa Fenohasina

Safrano Jérémy

Smith Brian

Zogning Félix


Collins Tya

Ferrus Gina

Fleury Réginald

Ménard Charlette

Ngoya Justin

Obas Phygelle

Desriveaux Marie-Andrée


Celestin-Plante Noémie

Corneille Jocelyn Mélissa

Dorcin Emmanuel

Fortin Maxim

Jean Alex Joseph

Sam Yvonne

Villefranche Marjorie

Health and social services

Archer David

Augustin Barbara

Mombo Nina

Moungang Merveille

Sylfia  Annie

Thatchouang Yano Claudia

Theothime Manzi 

Kengne Talla Pascaline

Mbome Moume Agnès