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882 Boulevard Décarie, Saint-Laurent, Québec H4L 3L9, Canada
882 Boulevard Décarie Montréal Québec H4L 3L9 CA

Mission: The OneFullCircle Melanated Community’s (The OFC’s) mission is to empower the Melanated community against social exclusion by networking between the French and English speaking Melanated communities and by providing socio-economic stability through access to culturally adapted resources and business support. 

Vision: By Serving Our Community, Encouraging Love For Self And Working Together With All Who Share Our Vision, We Will Create A Supporter, United, Respected, And Economically Empowered Global Melanated Community! 

Secteur d’action:  

  • Communauté
  • Service 
  • Community Service 
  • Referrals 
  • Networking