MONTREAL, June 14, 2021 /CNW Telbec/ – In order to better document the issues faced by Black youth and, above all, offer concrete solutions to those challenges, the Socio-Economic Summit for the Development of Black Communities Youth (Young Summit) is proud to announce the creation of the Quebec Black Communities Observatory—a first in Quebec and Canada—thanks to the support of its 51 member organizations and the Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation.

With a budget of $6 million over five years, the Observatory will have four main areas of focus:

1. Research aiming to document, analyze and better understand the socio-economic realities of Black youth. The work will focus on the multiple impacts of anti-Black racism in Quebec, socio-economic development and the community practices of Black communities. The research will also highlight knowledge and expertise from members of the Black community.

2. Community development to directly support organizations working with Black youth by providing them with resources and training.

3. The mobilization of various stakeholders to foster collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and skills; for example, between researchers, practitioners and youth.

4. Communication to promote accessibility, and a wide dissemination of knowledge to promote its appropriation by the Quebec population.

A lever to address inequalities specific to Black communities

The events of the past year have brought to the forefront many forms of racism and discrimination that young Afro-Quebecers unfortunately continue to experience, whether it’s regarding jobs, economic opportunities, education, access to public services, racial profiling, etc.

Having been created by the community, the Observatory’s strength will be to connect research and fieldwork, and thus will offer concrete solutions developed with affected stakeholders—that is, members of the Black communities and, above all, youth.

The Observatory’s first mandate is to provide a comprehensive portrait of Black youth across Quebec over the next 18 months. This exercise will help better understand their reality,

particularly with regard to issues of racialization and anti-Black racism. In addition, over the next two years, it will promote the integration of Black youth into the research community through an internship program.


«The Quebec Black Communities Observatory launch marks an important milestone in the fight against anti-Black racism. Quebec is home to nearly 320,000 Afro-descendent people, which represents one in every 25 Quebecers. To build a stronger, fairer and more equitable society, we must do everything we can to ensure that these Quebecers have access to the same opportunities and can reach their full potential. This project, designed with our community organizations and members, would not be possible without the substantial contribution and collaboration of the Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation. «

— Édouard Staco, President of the Young Summit

«The Quebec Black Communities Observatory is committed to sustainable social transformation. The data available confirms the need to specifically address inequalities affecting Black communities. I’m convinced that the research we will conduct will enable us to make an accurate diagnosis of the situation of Black youth in Quebec and to offer concrete solutions adapted to their reality based on their knowledge. «

— Désirée Rochat (PhD), Program Director at the Quebec Black Communities Observatory

«We’ve been supporting this Summit project since it was merely an idea, two years ago. Black populations face a number of major issues that need to be documented in order to be better addressed. We’re proud to support this project. It will foster dialogue within our society, encourage us to work together for the socio-economic inclusion of youth, and ensure that Quebec is a fairer and more inclusive society that takes into account the needs and realities of all communities. «

— Jean-Marc Chouinard, President of the Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation