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JANUARY 28, 2017

We, members of black communities, leaders of organizations, community leaders and public and private partners, gathered in Montreal on January 28, 2017, express our confidence in the potential and success of our young people.

We believe that our young people deserve to live in a society in which quality of life, cultural diversity, equal opportunities, environmental protection, educational success, employment and inclusion are at the heart of the concerns Daily.

We agreed to help provide synergistic and innovative responses to the challenges facing our young people, such as racism, discrimination, racial profiling, unemployment, underemployment, school dropout and precariousness.

Collaboration between community leaders and partners in black communities is a key part of our communities’ youth development strategy. Adapted, innovative, sustainable practices, promoting social and economic inclusion, supporting families, access to education in all its forms, must be at the heart of our exchanges.

We will work to ensure that places of education are truly welcoming and inclusive, so that every young person can reach their full potential, and that technological modernization efforts are tools for social inclusion, towards greater participation of our young people in the economic development of our society.

Together with Quebec and Canadian society, we will help address the challenges of social development, the fight against poverty and living together.
We are committed to contributing to the projects that emerged from the summit. We recognize governments as natural partners in the development of young Quebecers and Canadians from black communities and challenge them to assume their responsibilities.

We are setting up a study committee to monitor the social and economic development of young people in black communities.

To this end, the Socio-Economic Summit for the Development of Black Community Youth will hold an annual public accountability for actions taken.